Integrate with Wordpress and eCommerce stores

Already have a Wordpress site or online store (think Shopify, Woocommerce)? Seamlessly integreate with Salesforce using our Webforce Connect or Pronto eCatalogue products.

Smooth integration of your Wordpress site and Salesforce data with Webforce Connect

Build a donation page within Wordpress that perfectly connects to your Salesforce org

Create a donation or payment page on your existing Wordpress site

Customisable Wordpress Plug-in

Connect your online store and Salesforce with pronto eCatalogue

Manage orders, products and customers with regular syncing

Once source of truth for your inventory

Keep your customer, product and payment data all together

Ready to maximise your salesforce capability?

Stay within Salesforce and take advantaged of our enhanced features, keeping everything in the one place to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.